City Creek | Salt Lake City, Utah

C Ity Creek2

Resurfaced creek meets outdoor mall...

Back in the fall of '07, we first heard from SWA Group regarding a new mall project called City Creek in Salt Lake City, UT. The grand idea behind the project, and their design in particular, was to resurface a creek, previously routed through culverts underneath the property, into the central courtyard of the shopping facility.

This obviously precipitated the need to allow pedestrian access across the creek.

From concept to casting

This is where we, in conjunction with SWA designers and a local Corten steel fabricator, arrived at the bridge shown above. The unique wave patterned panel design was meant to harmonize with the riparian setting, and cleverly repeats such that it continues where two panels meet, allowing us to provide a single panel that could be utilized in bridges of different sizes.

Opened to the public earlier this year, the project has been well received by the residents of Salt Lake City, and received numerous awards and recognition from within the design community.