Drain Covers

Standard A.D.A.


Patterned after our Boston style Tree Grate and Standard ADA style drain cover, this drain cover has a clean sturdy metropolitan quaility.

International Symbol Of Access Tiny Conforms to ADA Accessibility Guidelines

Available Sizes

|  8"  pdf   dwg  |  12"  pdf   dwg  |   16"  pdf   dwg  | 
|  18"  pdf   dwg  |  24" pdf   dwg  |  36"  pdf   dwg  |

Square with 1/4" Openings
|  18"  pdf   dwg  |  24"  pdf   dwg  |

Rectangle|  30" x 48" pdf   dwg  |

General Specification Links

Installation Frame Information
Material and Finish Options

Powder Coat Color Chart

Generic CSI Specification

Available Materials

100% Recycled Grey Iron ǂ, per ASTM A48 class 35b   Recyclable3a [Converted]
Ductile Iron, per ASTM A536, class 65-45-12
100% Recycled Aluminum, per ASTM B26   Recyclable3a [Converted]
Silicon Bronze, per ASTM B26
Nickel Bronze, per ASTM B30

Recyclable3a [Converted] Reycled Content and Origin of Materials Affadavit

Available Finishes

Raw Natural Finish ǂ
Rust Conditioner - Grey and Ductile Iron Only - Additional Information
Polyester Powder Coat - Standard color options
Liquid Coat - Available upon request - Please provide paint color number, system number and manufacturer.
Brush - Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only
Polish -  Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only

ǂ Standard