Tree Grates



Designed in conjunction with the prominent landscape architecture firm Halvorson Design Partnership, the Boston design radiates permanence combined with classic metropolitan charm.

Notable installations include Newport Beach's Fashion Island and the newly redesigned San Diego Embarcadero.

International Symbol Of Access Tiny Conforms to ADA Accessibility Guidelines

Available Sizes

|  2'  pdf   dwg  |  3'  pdf   dwg  |  3'-3"  pdf   dwg  |
|  4'  pdf   dwg  |  5'  pdf   dwg  |  6'  pdf   dwg  |
|  8'  pdf   dwg   |  10'  pdf   dwg  |

|  3'-3"  pdf   dwg  |  9'  pdf   dwg  |

|  4' x 6'  pdf   dwg  |  4' x 6' (2pc)  pdf   dwg  |  
|  4' x 8'  pdf   dwg  |  4' x 9'  pdf   dwg  |
|  5' x 8'  pdf   dwg  |

General Specification Links

Installation Frame Information
Material and Finish Options

Powder Coat Color Chart

Lightport Worksheet
- Add uplighting to any tree grate
Generic CSI Specification

Available Materials

100% Recycled Grey Iron ǂ, per ASTM A48 class 35b   Recyclable3a [Converted]
Ductile Iron, per ASTM A536, class 65-45-12
100% Recycled Aluminum, per ASTM B26   Recyclable3a [Converted]
Silicon Bronze, per ASTM B26
Nickel Bronze, per ASTM B30

Recyclable3a [Converted] Reycled Content and Origin of Materials Affadavit

Available Finishes

Raw Natural Finish ǂ
Rust Conditioner - Grey and Ductile Iron Only - Additional Information
Polyester Powder Coat - Standard color options
Liquid Coat - Available upon request - Please provide paint color number, system number and manufacturer.
Brush - Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only
Polish -  Aluminum, Bronze and Nickel Bronze Only

ǂ Standard