About Us

The following words of Urban Accessories’ Co-Founder Merry Haggard have been featured in every Urban Accessories publication for the last 20 years, and her words are as true now as when she originally wrote them:

Dedication to casting as an art form is what sets Urban Accessories apart from the average utility foundry. The transformation of scrap metals into beautiful, functional, and aesthetically precise objects of art is what “metalmorphosis” is all about. As the molten metal pours out of the ladle and into the mold, it begins the process of becoming its new form. As the metal cools the metalmorphosis is complete. In an age where it is becoming increasingly important to preserve our natural resources, the casting industry will be recognized as an active participant in the environmental movement.

Urban Accessories was founded in 1972. It was the brainchild of my architect-husband to create a company that would cater to the design community and provide artful castings, in the vein of Louis Sullivan, to enhance the urban environment. Urban Accessories has remained true to that vision and our little company has grown larger and been endorsed by the leaders of the design industry. We have remained accessible and flexible to the new ideas that have revolutionized the urban landscape. In spite of countless attempts by others to plagiarize and hijack our innovations, you have all remained true to the original designers foundry. I thank you for your support.

Merry left this world in March of 2010,
but her memory lives on in the company she founded and loved so dearly.